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Landtech Data Corporation Acquired by AccuTitle

Recent acquisition of Landtech Data Corporation by AccuTitle

On July 2, 2020, it was announced that Landtech Data Corporation was acquired by AccuTitle, a New Jersey based provider of web-based title production and closing software named TitleFusion ( According to its website, AccuTitle’s software is in use in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Florida.

According to the announcement (, the Landtech employees will join the AccuTitle team and will continue to provide the exceptional service they are known for today. Further, according to the announcement, the entire Landtech staff will work hand-in-hand with the TitleFusion product team to incorporate the functionality and customer experience Landtech users have enjoyed over decades of use. The in-depth knowledge of Landtech, together with the extensive integrations and technology advances of TitleFusion will provide a best-in-class platform for title professionals. 

What does this mean for customers of Generes & Associates (formerly Landtech Support Systems)?  

As far as we are concerned, nothing really.  Our agreements with Landtech Data Corporation for Landtech Online licensing and sales and support of Landtech software remain in full force and effect. Generes & Associates has been an independent contractor and value-added reseller for Landtech since 1993 and currently has ongoing relationships with over 600 Landtech users. We remain your primary go-to source for information and help with title, closing, escrow and related questions as we have for almost 30 years.

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