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It's time to get busy with e-Recording

Recently, many of our customers who were, in the past, reticent to embrace e-Recording have now shown substantial interest in its implementation within their Landtech systems.  This newfound interest is not only due to the closures of many county recording offices due to the COVID-19 outbreak but also to relieve their employees of the stress associated with venturing out to the recorder’s office.

Landtech has for some time incorporated the three major e-Recording vendors into the Landtech software.  A recording can be effectuated directly from within Landtech complete with receipts and book/page recording details.  Although e-Recording has not been adopted by all the counties in the U.S., there are a substantial number that have, with more being added daily.

If you want to use the e-Recording integration within your Landtech system, you need to know the vendor or vendors which have partnered with your various counties’ recording offices.  The three major providers are Simplifile, ePN and CSC.  For complete instructions on how to configure the integrations within Landtech, just go to our e-Recording Download Page and select the documentation for your vendor(s). 

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